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Holly's sketchbook

Oct. 10th, 2007 12:24 pm ...you're still here?

Why hello there!

As you (should) know, I hardly use this journal anymore. Ye see, in my daily comic hollycomics I add lots of autobiographical comics. They are more interesting to read than these boring stories I type here.

Consider it a "normal" livejournal but without as much text and more pictures ;)

If ye would have read it (this doesn't go for those who did!) ye would've known that i've moved to my own houssie! (And it RULES!) And also that I work at an awesome advertising agency now, usually I make a somewhat uninteresting flyer for the local newspaper, but sometimes I get really cool assignments which require drawing and sketching. Those are my faves :)

HOWEVERRRR, on my comic livejournal I can't do any meme's, so... here, have a meme.

4 movies you can always watch:
- Billy Eliott
- Disney animations (I can't choose! But mainly Mulan and the Lion King ;)
- Harry Potter
- Lord of the Rings

4 towns you lived in:
- Zwaag
- Blokker
- Hoorn Kersenboogerd
- Oosterblokker

4 shows you like to watch:
- M*A*S*H
- Ugly Betty
- 'allo, 'allo!
- You Rang, M'Lord?

4 websites you visit daily:
- LiveJournal
- Hotmail
- Psypets
- nu.nl / telegraaf.nl (news sites)

4 favorite foods:
- Pasta! (Like penne, tortellini and spaghetti :)
- Poffertjes
- Meat (Bbq... mmmm... Though I refuse to eat baby-beasties like lamb and calf)
- Anything with sour cream

4 places you'd like to be now:
- At home with my cat, curled up in beddie.
- With my friends Niche and/or Steve
- At the annual Expreszo (Improv) weekend
- In an empty, warm swimmingpool, just for meeeee!

Btw, I stole this from Niche and i'm not tagging anyone ;) If you wanna do it, do it!

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May. 1st, 2007 09:48 pm è! in peace, Poedersuiker

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My dear little friend


has passed away today.

May you be re-united with the Freule and
è! in birdie heaven for all eternity.

The story of Poedersuiker, also known as Emo Goth Bird.Collapse )

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Feb. 21st, 2007 12:00 pm Printer Problems

Crap! I have some very important thingies to print (job applications and whatnot) and my printer's being a bitch. Can anyone help me?

tis a HP Deskjet 970Cxi, and the ink-lampie is blinking. There's enough ink in the cartridges, I cleaned them a bit as instructed on the HPtroubleshootingpage, so I have no idea what's wrong.

It had the same problem yesterday but after a while it just went away for some silly reason, and I could print again after a few minutes. I hope the same will happen now cause I gotta send these letters out today.

Oh well.. if you think you know what's up, let me know :)

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Dec. 29th, 2006 11:59 pm

Since i've posted very little this year (mainly because I think posting to HollyComics is ENOUGH... After that I hardly feel like updating this one as well anymore I admit...) I decided to post this 2006-overview Meme. As seen on Niche's lj.

So in case you're curious about what i've been up to, click here ;)Collapse )

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Dec. 21st, 2006 02:05 pm

Since i'll be gone tomorrow (we're having our christmas holidays in the Preston Palace, yay!) i'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays. (And happy Holly Days)

Oooo mistletoe! ..*SMOOCH!*

And this lj-cut is only interesting for those who play WoW, it contains a shitload of piccies LOL :)Collapse )

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Dec. 9th, 2006 09:46 am Oh Gods...

I just wanted to share one of the worst movie trailers i've ever seen with who.

Who, after Jurassic Park, DARES to make a movie called (are you ready for this?) DINOSAURS 3D.


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Dec. 6th, 2006 01:44 am Gilmour!

GAAH! For the past days the same song has been stuck in my head:
David Gilmour's version of Dimming of the day.
It's driving me crazah, can anyone perchance find it for me, so I can get it out of my system? *Twitch*

And by the by, for those who don't follow my adventures in my other journal, (HollyComics) i'm alright. And my dwarfieparrotthingies have a baby!

Yeah come to think of it, I should update here some time with a good explanation of recent events but Gods i'm so tired right now o_O ...And singing that darn song!

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: You'll never guess.

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Sep. 28th, 2006 07:06 pm Beasties in the 20's

Wha!! All day i've been working on this for my portfolio:


Booyah!! I love it! How about you? :D (Click on it for a bigger version)

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Sep. 9th, 2006 10:01 pm Holly goes to Prague

Well guys, i'm off for a week of Prague with my sister :) See ye!

Nichie, hereby I hand ye the key to the hollycomics vault. I should be back on fridaynight :) *Hugggg* Good luck, sistah!

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Sep. 6th, 2006 11:09 am Do the menstual tango! And London ;D

http://www.jamieanderson.com/mp3s/tango.mp3 <-- fantastic ;) Check out her other songs too if you like, I thought this was one of her most amusing ones. :D

Okay! So! It's been AGES eh? I just haven't felt like updating this lj lately.
A quick summary about my London trip. With a few picsies.Collapse )

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